Like to Share is a small business that works with you and your small business to get your business out in the world of technology.

We provide many opportunities to help you get more exposure.

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Like to Share Pages has 8 Fan pages, a LinkedIn Group, Yahoo Group, Cafe Mom group and other various groups. Like to Share Pages is also a part of many groups. Like to Share Pages has gained over 7,000 followers in 4 months time and is increasingly gaining more followers.  We have also gained fans and business for our followers who regularly visit our website, fan pages and groups. Many leave great  reviews about our service. We offer the following ways to promote yourself and your pages:

Build your fan page

We offer many packages to help gain your fan page more fans. All of our Feature and Sponsor page  packages include front page advertising on our website and  promotion on our fan page. For more information on Feature and Sponsor page packages please visit Fan Page Promotion

We also offer building packages to build your fan page, promote and moderate it as well. Please contact us for more details on this option.

For more information and ideas on how to successfully build your own fan page on your own ~ So, you have a Fan page, now what? If you have more incites not listed on our article, please contact us and we can add your ideas as well!


Product Reviews ~We offer product reviews for free except for the price of shipping!  Once a product is tried out we write a review of our experience with the product and post it on our blog, fan pages and website. It is a great way to get your product and your business some free exposure!

Service Reviews ~ We also write Service reviews. Service reviews are for photographers, restaurants, hotels, etc. For a small price you can get your website and fan page reviewed. Included is a slide show of features!



We have various different directories you can become part of.


Fan Page Directory ~ Or Fan Page Directory listing is free for a basic link to your page. Other options are also available for banner and text ads.

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Fan Page Directory options:






Direct Sales


Royalty Free

Wedding Planners



Fan Page Giveaway Directory ~Having a Giveaway on your Fan page?  Put it in our Directory! We promote your giveaways as well to our fans.


Website Directory ~ Our Website Directory is free and is also a Directory of link exchanges. To become part of this Directory, you must exchange links with us and put our link and/or button on your website as well.

Blog Directories ~2 Directories for Blogs! We have he Blog directory for Fan Pages listed above and the actual Blog itself Directory here. In this directory we talk all about the different kinds of Blog options available. With your listing of your blog we also request a small written excerpt about your blog platform and what you enjoy most about your blog. To become a part of this Blog Directory please contact us and leave your information in the message box box.

Pinterest Directory  ~ Pinterest  has it’s marketing abilities as well. Add your Pinterest to our Pinterest Directory. It is easy and Free!




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