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Like to Share Pages Reviews

Like to Share Pages Reviews


We certainly hope you are get the best service possible here at Like to Share Pages! Β Take a look below at what are people saying and if you feel so inclined to leave us a review ,we will return the favor with a shout out on our fan page! Thank you so much for visiting and hope you like your stay πŸ™‚

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Like To Share Pages
Average rating:  
 326 reviews
 by Tilly
Like to share??

This day and age you can never have to many shares, pages or otherwise, your name needs to pop up everywhere. If people feel comfortable with you and see you're serious about your business, it will explode as the trust is there to work with a person who cares.

 by Anastacia Ace Hauldridge
Great Way To Inter-Network!

We enjoy sharing content that is value in fact we started this case study on a brand new fan page before we met Like To Share during our testing stage with the theme Facebook Fan Page Party Fridays, with the help of "Like to Share" fan page Admins and participation it really helps alot. Social media positive energy type images that encourage others is what they share and that is what gravitated us to them. We recommend and endorse Like to Share's page they know and understand what is the power of social media influence as much as we do.

 by Amy Robertson

I love "Like to Share"! It's an Awesome place to network, gain new likes, follow more pages and meet new people. I highly recommend participating on Like to Share's page!

 by Kelly

LOVE Like to Share .... great page to network and find other awesome pages!

 by Channyn Hess

Like to share is a great page/website to be connected with. They offer so many opportunities to share your page with others and help grow whatever it is that you're doing.

 by Krista
Awesome Site

Like to share has been amazing. I started using a couple of days ago and my likes on my fan page doubled.

 by Brian Manon

Great page that helps you grow your following and great for networking with your peers.

 by BuffaloPO

great page! i love that everyone interacts and I can network with new people and gain new fans!

 by Cyndi Ball

Love love love this page!! Very helpful!!! Keep u the good work!

 by Cyndi Ball

Love this page!! It's helped me gain some likes!! Forever fan!!!

 by Jamie Donnelly

I really like the like and share page, as it has brought many fan's to my page. It's a great way to build your fan page, and it's an awesome resource.

 by Tammy Adkins
thank you

Great page. A wonderful resource. Thanks for what you do. I'll most definitely be back!

 by Marcia Shaw Wyatt
Like To Share is Amazing

I have been frequenting the Like To Share page for several weeks now and have found it to be truly AWESOME! I have gained many new and much appreciated fans and have made some wonderful new friends using this site! I can't possibly say enough good things about Like To Share! They're amazingly awesome - just doesn't cover it enough!

 by Leanne Mitsopoulos
Truly A WickIt marketing site

If you look at all of the ladder/marketing pages-agencies out there Like to Share is one of the best. They have an excellent fan base. They strive for the best marketing strategies for their fans and and always take extra pride in each & every business (big or small) that signs up with them

 by Danielle Haberkorn
Wonderful Networking Site!

We all know how many ladder/marketing pages are out there, however this one is truly WONDERFUL! They actually take the time to do what they say they will do. Likes to Share has a TON of ways to market your business! Finally someone has got it right. You will not be disappointed by there services!

 by iQdesk
Like2Share is a meeting place of awesome people!!

Like to share is a place where you can meet and connect with awesome people! This is a great place to showcase your products and services not only to gain likes. Thank you for being such an incredible and amazing place.

Like to share is really the place to be!

 by sarah hartland

brilliant networking page... very friendly page, i love visiting

 by Danielle McSwain

I have used Like to Share in the past and I just LOVE them!!! I always gain much needed fans and recognition through Like to Share, I am forever grateful!

 by Dawn Mitchell
Awesome networking site!!

I love being able to look at other people's pages and get to know all the great people who have the same goal...gain more fans...which equates to more friends and customers!! Love this site!!

 by Jamie Olger

Love to see all the new products people make!

 by Amber Barnes
Easy Help

Very easy help that is a must have for networking your business. You really must get your name out there and Like To Share gives many options for doing that with minimal work on your part!

 by Devine
Creativity at its best

Like to Share is by far one of the most creative and best pages I have had the pleasure of dealing with!

 by Janean Lindner

I have tried many different companies and I really love "LIKE TO SHARE" - they are busy all the time and I love using their services! Keep it up!

 by Ronda Brumback

Creative advertising that gets results!

 by Laura Shaffer

Awesome place to get your name, business and fan page out there!!

 by Jennifer
Great for advertising

Great place to get your name and page out there! Thanks

 by Alicia Windstein
Great Promotional Service!

Great way to promote your fan page and network with other business, and the best of all it's Free! Keep it up!

 by Brandon Arneson
by far the BEST advertising page on facebook!

What i love most about Like To Share, is that they provide lots of oppertunities for promoting your own facebook pages anytime and on liking ladders! keep up the awesome work!!

 by Krystal
Awesome Service!

Thank you for such an awesome service!! Great way to grow your business!

 by Amy (Helton) Thomas
Thank you for such great service!

Thank you for such great service! You have helped my page grow! I love the networking party's! Thank you!

 by Sylvia
Networking at it's Best

I think that this is an awesome networking idea! For free too! Thanks for the great opportunity to not only grow my business, but for putting me in contact with entrepreneurs like myself.

 by George Beale
Thanks a lot for the increase of business!

Like To Share Pages.com have been awesome in getting new "likes" to my fan pages on facebook. I been trying to find a way to drive traffic to them, and thanks to my wife's recommendation, I found this site! Keep it up!

 by Nichole
Great way to connect

what a great idea for social marketing! like to share pages makes social media fun! thanks!

 by Brandon Arneson
The BEST Way to Share Fan Pages!

i LOVE your services, they are the best way to get the word out about our fan pages, thank you so much!

 by Craig Laughlin
Fun While Working

Caption contests, networking, fast paced and results driven...Great experience.

 by Jane farmer
A credit to fb and businesses!

Absolutely brilliant site, have gained many likes, and came across some lovely pages through this page, love it!! Thank you.

 by Dena Armstrong
What a great Monday morning!

What a great way to start off the week! Thanks to "Like to Share" the fans kept pouring in for 15 minutes straight! Everyone seems very excited to help one another.

 by Sew Pretty Boutique

just found this page and WOW! Got some great new fans and friends! And a free shout out for just sharing a post! Amazing work!!!! Thanks so Much!

 by Crocheted by Kimberly

I have gained many long term well loved fans thru this site and I will continue to use it in the future! I Love the variety of people who stop by your site daily πŸ™‚

 by Steven Krohn
Great Results

I ran into this site this morning with skepticism. I am now completely impressed with the results delivered by Like to Share! I will be coming back for more going forward. They are BEST siite for reaching out that I've come across. I will begin to recommend them to everyone I can.

 by Footnotes Web Services
Great Exposure!

Like to share has one of the BEST reaches around. I share them EVERYWHERE and They share too!

 by Jasmine Bhatia
Love your Work!!

I just came across the page LIKE TO SHARE!! And i got like 8 fans in an hour!! wonderful work done by these people!!

 by Allie Jensen

This is one of the best pages I've ever seen! Just Awesome!

 by Ruth Orr
Fantastic Page

Awesome page and idea! Really helps get new pages off the grouund! really great!

 by Nilda

This fan page has helped me alot getting new fans and getting my business to grow!!

 by ted
RelyLocal Likes!

I think I could use your services!

 by Krissy Worth
Helped so much!!

Thanks to this site, I have gotten a lot of new fans! Made new friends too! Great page that helps out everyone trying to start up their small business! Great!

 by Donna
Fantastic Page!

Great job bringing businesses and fans together! Keep up the awesome work.

 by Henry Jones
Gifts Galore And More

I have gained fans by using your ladder. Plan to use your site in the future. Good work.

 by Barbra Dijak
You have helped me alot!

I have been using your services for several months now. I have been able to increase the number of fans to my page every month since I started using your services. And I feel certain that this increase in fans will translate to am increase in customers and or recruits to my business! Thank you so much!

 by EVA

A Wonderful & Terrific way to grow your fans!

 by Vanessa Parrillo
Great Job

i think your page is awesome and very helpful thank you for the great work.

 by Mari

Just found this site and I love it!! It helped my Fofuchas Handmade Dolls get likes, I would definitely recommend it!

 by Sahra
Awesome Site!

Great site and page to help you promote your business. They're always so great and enthusiastic, which provides a great atmosphere for positive feedback and followers!

 by Janet Henderson
Quaint Cakes

Cheery and Helpful Posts, love this page !!

 by Rebecca Lewis
Pepper Bears

Fantastic page, they have shared my pictures and liked my posts many times. I have met lots of lovely facebook users via their page. I always like to share x

 by Liz

Great site! Got likes so fast! Definetly will be purchasing a package soon!

 by marie richardson

Like to share has help my page grow from below 100 to over 200 in such a short space of time. I have also found lots of other great pages that I may not have found without them. Thank You guys πŸ˜‰ x

 by Alicia
great site!

Always helping promote pages and got me a lot of fsns

 by Ambii

Really helpful networking site to those looking to gain fans. They helped me get fans so thanks, Like to Share! :3

 by Lori

Best place to gain new fans! So very helpful in many ways! They always return your likes... It definately helps to "'Like' to share"

 by Katie
Helpful to those looking for pages and those wanting to gain new fans. :]

Extremely helpful to those looking to network. Fans can find what they are searching for easily. Also, they are kind to their own fans. Just an overall great business. :] Thank you for all you do for us!

 by Sarah Smedley

I think this is a brillint way to network and gain new fans, plus I have also come across some lovely businesses which I wouldn't have know about thanks to Like To Share! x

 by Maryann
They will help you grow!

I have been using www.liketosharepages.com for just under two weeks and they have definitely help me grow my fan base. I have gained well over 150 new fans in that time. I will keep advertising with them because I know that my money will be well spent.

 by Sydney

I love this page because it helps you promote your business. Which I am just getting started and it has helped me out a lot.

Bows & Blooms

 by ann

Great way to get your business off the ground! Really helpful xxx

 by Desiree Weiss

Just found this today! Its AMAZING! Im growing so fast its crazy!

 by John Poss
Tremendous Help Growing Our FB Page

I have grown tremendously in the last week since actively participating on Like to Share. Our google rankings have shot to number one in our area. Thank you so much!!

 by Love, Kaeli Cheyenne
Sharing Is Caring!

Like to Share is such a wonderful business! I've gained SO many additional fans just through them alone! Thanks to Like to Share I've generated more sales, and gained many more friends! Thank you!

 by Veronica Francis
This is what I needed

This is what I needed to get my business out there. Great for marketing and networking to more people.

 by Monika

Wow! what a great page to connect and get more fans!

 by Fiona Traynor
Great page

Thank you to like to share for a great page for meeting new people and helping you to promote your business. This page has helped me alot and is very much appreciated thanks for all your hard work. Don't forget to check out @like to share πŸ™‚

 by Martin montgomery
These guys rock

Facebook is one great social network for individuals and businesses alike. With more active members (recently reaching 500 million) than the population of some countries, it’s easily one of the best places for marketers and fans.

And I feel it is my duty to tell you about the team @Like to share these guys rock if you have a like page and need help please check out the best help page on Facebook I have not got enough words to thank the team at @Like to share they rock my word!!!!!!

 by Naomi
What a page

This page is fantastic for networking and getting your name out there, but it only works if you do your bit. You do a fabulous job, keep it up.

 by sarita nichole
Great Idea

This an amazing site.Just what I was looking for. Thanks guys

 by Robin Bannister
Awesome Page!

Thank you Like to Share for Paying It Forward! Great way to meet new people.. πŸ™‚

 by Brandon Arneson

thanks so much for helping me get new fans for my pages, you really are the best promoting page out there! here are my two pages



 by Ann

Like to share is amazing! Great way to promote your business. Thankyou!

 by Amy Russell
Lovely Idea

Such a valuable resource for crafters who want to spread their business to the world. Not so practical if you have a local only business but im sure it will come in time. Love the idea and the page though and have found some lovely people through it πŸ™‚

 by Lindsay Holmes

Very Thorough! and it really works! I love meeting new people and seeing the talent and creativity this world has to offer!

 by Giovanne
Ultimate Body Wraps

Love, Love, Love! I am meeting people from around the world. Thank you for the opportunity.

 by Eclipse Unlimited Entertainment
Great Page to get New Fans

5 stars all the way!! Get new fans, this page helped me a lot!! Thank you!!!

 by Tammy Wright
Awesome Page!!

Great page to get new fans and promote businesses!!! Thank you!!

 by Chelcee
Awesome Site!

This is an amazing site. I always get new fans!!

 by Mrs Brooks

FANTASTIC and what a help!! x

REALLY enjoy joining them everyday! πŸ™‚

 by Momma Tolbert
Wow Oh Wow!

The most effective way to market my business!

 by Amber
Love it!!

Like to share is amazing!! Its a freat place to generate new fans from all over.

 by charlene
A Gem for you

Very good page to get new fans & meet new people.

 by Rana Weikel
Such a big help!!

Has been such a big help with helping my page grow. Given me so many fans!! Thank you!!

 by Cheryl Carpenter

Like to Share is always going, I don't think they ever sleep! Wonderful people though, they do their best to keep things fair and help out all of us! πŸ™‚

 by Laura Woodman

Small business like myself have been able to thrive thanks to pages such as Like to Share, everyone should be a fan!!

 by Tiffany Hayes

Great place to gain fans and family!

 by Ruth McConnell
Like to Share should be Called LOVE to Share!!!

I love how willing and nice "like to Share" oh nd Helpful. I am a lifetime sharer now.

 by Kaeli Cheyenne
Giving Back!

Like to Share is an incredible company! I just love how giving and kind they are, as well as supportive! I also must say, it is one of the best looking "ladder-type" fan pages I've seen yet! Thanks for the wonderful assistance with gaining more fans! Keep up the great work!

 by Angela
Like to Share! Yes!

I like to share! This site is easy, fun & rings up the likes plus finds a few fb friends along the way!

 by Tiffany
Awesome Networking Page!!!

I absolutely love "like to share"! I couldn't ask for a better networking page. Like to Share has brought me many new fans and connections that I otherwise would not have found. Thank you Like to Share!

 by Degena

I LOVE Like To Share!!! I have gained A LOT of new likes on my page. I have also interacted with a lot of people that I have become acquainted with through Like To Share!! I found a vendor that I ordered from on Like To Share!! Great Page!! Great Service!!! Love it and recommend it to anyone who is looking to promote their page or business!!!!!!

 by Antrimtowninfopage
Great work guys thanks for all your help

There is not enough words to show the team@Like To Share how thankful I am for the great support they have shown me to make my dream come true for my page to grown thank you guys high 5's all round.

 by Mandy J

Like to Share is a GREAT page! They always give plenty of opportunities to share your own page, and also do many shout outs quite frequently. And they are always friendly to their fans, and stick around on the ladders to help out any fans that may have gotten hidden. I would definitely recommend to them to any friends or fans looking to gain fans their own pages!! πŸ™‚

 by Jeni H

Like to share has pushed my fan page up quickly! Thank you!

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